Yoga for Athletes, The COMPLETE Package - with Mike Fecht

Yoga for Athletes, The COMPLETE Package - with Mike Fecht

Athletes, Trainers, Coaches, and Yoga Teachers will all obtain ample benefit from this Yoga for Sports Performance package taught by Mike Fecht, yoga coach to countless professional and high-level amateur athletes.

Included in this package are a number of practices - which if applied correctly - can simply slot into the appropriate training cycle for any athlete. Any yoga teachers interested in working with athletes will immediately be able to use these sequences with their clients.

Mike Fecht has worked for years applying his personal theories of integrating yoga into Sports Performance training with athletes of the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and MLS. This package contains those results.

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Yoga for Athletes, The COMPLETE Package - with Mike Fecht

7 Videos

  • Lecture: The Physical and Mental benefits of Yoga for Athletes

    Athletes of all levels are being encouraged to add yoga to their training regimens, but why? How can this ancient practice benefit elite athletes?

    Mike Fecht has the answer. In this 15 minute lecture, Mike gives his personal insight of having integrated yoga into the training of countless pro...

  • Yoga for Athletes - Gameday Prep - with Mike Fecht

    Get into The Zone! Mike used this very practice to help his NFL clients get their minds and bodies right on Saturday so they could hit the field on Sunday ready to go.

    Highly recommended for any athlete the day or night before competition.

  • Yoga for Athletes - Post Workout - with Mike Fecht

    After crushing the weight room, a long ride or run, or maybe an intense plyometrics workout, every athlete should spend some time opening back up and bringing the body and mind back into a state of balance. This Post Workout, or Post Training practice will put the body into the relaxation and rec...

  • Yoga to Get Out of Bed - with Mike Fecht and Alex Smith

    As athletes age, old injuries present new aches and pains for those of us who have pushed our bodies in the realms of competition. This gentle 30 minute practice is excellent for those of us who need a little help getting going in the mornings, or any part of the day! Join Mike Fecht and retired ...

  • Yoga for Big Guys - with Mike Fecht

    Too big and inflexible to practice yoga? No, you're not! Yoga is for everyone, even big inflexible men. We all have to start somewhere, and Mike has crafted this practice with the big guys in mind. Don't be intimidated! Offensive lineman in the NFL have used this very practice in their training.

  • *BONUS* 45 Minute Power Flow - with Mike Fecht

    When you need to get after it and break a sweat, join Mike for this 45 minute Power Flow. If you're doing this in conjunction with the Athlete's package and you're new to yoga, it's probably a good idea to get familiar with the other classes first. If you've practiced before, hop on in and flow. ...

  • *BONUS* Warrior 2 Tutorial - with Mike Fecht

    Yoga for Sports Performance expert Mike Fecht breaks down Warrior 2 pose in this BONUS YFM video.